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Media Center Remote Control

PureMedia's Media Center can be remote controlled in multiple ways.

A way of remote controlling which works an any device with a web-browser would be PureMedia's web interface. As long as the remote control device (PC, tablet, smartphone...) is logged into the same home network, the web interface is reachable at the following URL: http://(puremedia's IP number):8888.

Pictures from the web-interface may differ according to the browser used and screen size.

Movie Overview
Media-Center Web Movie

Media-Center Web Movie Info

Remote control while watching a movie
Media-Center Web Remote


For Android devices we suggest using the “Yatse” application.

This application is beautiful, highly functional and beyond a simple remote control. Purchasing the “Yatse Unlocker” adds streaming service for i.e. local listening or watching to the app. Show photos from your mobile on PureMedia, watch a movie from PureMedia on your tablet...









For I-OS devces we recommend the “Kodi Control Center



The setup for all applications is the same:

Use the PureMedia IP-Address which is displayed on PureMedia's desktop as soon as you leave the Media-Center. If you should use PureMedia's WiFi access point, use this IP (e.g.; otherwise use the LAN IP.

The port is “8888”. No username or password required.