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HiFi Choice Loves our PureDAC

All stars you can get and the rare "Editor's Choice".
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PureDAC site

Positive Feedback Online
awards our CS2 amplifier

The original comment:
"In order to encourage further excellence in fine audio, to the greater good of all who love it."
We feel encouraged and definitely love audio!

PFO CS2 Award

Germany's Fairaudio
awards our PureDAC

Our PureDAC was again awarded for the best sound quality within it's class.
Thanks for the encouragement, we won't stop pushing the limits!

PureDAC Fairaudio

Taiwan's My Hiend
awards the CS2 amplifier

We are very proud and grateful for receiving this award, showing appreciation for our struggle to deliver best quality combined with best value.
Thank you My Hiend!
 My Hiend


Fairaudio reviews our PureDAC


The German Fairaudio magazine reviewed our new PureDAC and decided not to live without it any more.
6moons published an English version of this review.
English translation of the PureDAC review

Product News:

PureDAC Logo

   New MK2 Version!

"Better is the enemy of the good"

Play Music directly from your computer, or better: from one of B.M.C.'s media solutions via PureDAC. Combined with a headphone you enter the world of high end audio with a miniature setup.
Expand your audiophile ambition with a power amplifier like our PureAmp and a top set of speakers like PureVox, and your audiophile system is complete.


PureMedia now available!

"No Way Back"

The PureMedia completes the PureLine providing all the functions you would expect from a universal source. Everything you may need for handling and playback of your media is inside a single unit: PureMedia.

Features, quality and completeness are outstanding. Store music, photos, videos, movies and whatever else inside PureMedia - a powerful home server.
Play music via your USB-DAC, HDMI or coaxial digital output on a new level of audio quality.
Enjoy movies from PureMedia with top video quality and freele route the sound via your music or AV system.
Make photo shows, show content from your mobile, watch movies on your tablet... and much more!

Any computer or media device in your home can easily connect to PureMedia.

With an external USB drive you can rip your CDs in audiophile quality to PureMedia, transcode videos, merge videos...

PureMedia also allows media clients in other rooms of your home.

PureMedia is everything you may expect for your digital home in a single unit and yet easy to use.

Contact our "Expert-Talk" +49 30 692 006 061 for consultation.


PureAmp Logo now available!


UltraDAC Logo now available!



New: PureVox review from Dagogo "The PureVox is pure joy".

New: PureVox very detailed review in Fairaudio (German).

Find our more.

PureVox VornePureVox Hinten   


PureDAC Logo


The PureDAC is worldwide successful and highly praised product.
Find out more.


Active USB Cable

An active high grade USB interconnection which enhances the sound quality of modern USB DAC amazingly.
Find out more.



PureLine Logo

The PureLine is a significant extension of the B.M.C. product program. The PureLine combines innovative technology, attractive industrial design and a strong price / performance ratio. The PureLine represents everything that defines high end audio, but is neither conservative nor in an exotic price range.


New Chapter

Review News:

Stereophile June 2013, MCCI Phono Stage:
"B.M.C.'s Phono MCCI is exceptional, and easily among the best MC phono preamps at any price. Its sound was startingly good, and in some ways seemed to surpass that of virtually every other phono preamp I've heard, especially in terms of transparency, and of not imposing its own strong character, or any character, on the music." Michael Fremer
We are truly moved and higher motivated than ever by the level of recognition to our work, ideas and the resulting products. Thank you Michael Fremer and John Atkinson!


The Sound of Nature

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