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The All-In-One Media Solution For Audiophiles

New: MK 3 version with further optimised audio engine and true harware HDR video output.

The PureMedia completes the PureLine providing all the functions you would expect from a universal source. Everything you may need for handling and playback of your media is inside a single unit: PureMedia.

Features, quality and completeness are outstanding. Store music, photos, videos, movies and whatever else inside PureMedia - a powerful home server.
Play music via your USB-DAC, HDMI or coaxial digital output on a new level of audio quality.
Enjoy movies from PureMedia with top video quality and freele route the sound via your music or AV system.
Make photo shows, show content from your mobile, watch movies on your tablet... and much more!

Any computer or media device in your home can easily connect to PureMedia.

With an external USB drive you can rip your CDs in audiophile quality to PureMedia, transcode videos, merge videos...

PureMedia also allows media clients in other rooms of your home.

PureMedia is everything you may expect for your digital home in a single unit and yet easy to use.



PureMedia provides a lot of services:

  • Professional file server / storage management
    You can up/download/stream files from any computer in the home. Store all music, pictures and videos. PureMedia shows up as a network drive on a PC or Mac.

  • Highest grade audio player without any stream manipulation.
    Playback music via any USB DAC (e.g. PureDAC) at the highest level of sound quality. As pure as audiophiles can think of and yet at your fingertips.

  • Plays PCM files up to 32bit/384kHz, via any compatible USB2 DAC, with direct hardware access without sound manipulation.

  • Plays DSD64 and DSD128 natively via a DSD compatible USB-DAC.

  • No internal DAC, compatible to any USB DAC following industry standards (e.g. PureDAC, PureMediaUltraDAC, DAC1)

  • Remote controllable from smart-phones or tablets, or any desktop computer.

  • Remote Desktop
    Move the PureMedia's desktop to your PC or Mac, for convenient copying, backup and data management.

  • High resolution video player
    You can see the picture via HDMI while getting the sound via USB using your stereo equipment. Or you can play movie's picture and sound via HDMI, while listening to music via your USB-DAC.

  • Video-Transcoder Software
    Make MKV videos from several mobile phone video files, recode and improve older DV-camera videos and more.

  • Streaming services
    Plays content from your mobile on PureMedia, or play content from Puremedia on other devices.

  • Add-Ons for internet TV, radio or music services.

  • WiFi access point with transparent NAT.
    PureMedia will normally be located in living rooms, so you get a better WiFi signal and faster access to the PureMedia and the internet.

  • 2TB standard storage (special versions available as separate service only)

  • Up to 32TB available (24TB free with a RAID)

  • Up to 6TB available with full SSD

  • Backup synchronization software.
    B.M.C. also supplies backup solutions for protecting your valuable media collection, ready for use.

  • Multilingual

  • Simple wizards for important settings

  • Audiophile CD ripper (with external USB drive only)

PureMedia Rear

Since the manual of PureMedia is something that will grow and be maintained, the full manual can be found here. We appreciate your feedback as we continually improve the manual.

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