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B.M.C.'s PureAmp is a Load-Effect Free (LEF) integrated Amplifier with an even higher level operation mode when combined with a PureDAC.

The PureAmp completes the B.M.C.'s PureLine, following the very successful PureDAC, the PureVox speaker and the PureMedia.

The PureAmp delivers 2 channels of 100 Watts housed in a stylish aluminum chassis with B.M.C.'s awarded industrial design, backlit illumination and easily read power meter.

The PureAmp is notable for a built-in option that automatically changes it from operating as an integrated amplifier with B.M.C.'s exclusive Load Effect Free (LEF) technology into a stereo power amplifier with the CI (Current Injection) advantage by simply connecting it to a B.M.C. digital-to-analog converter (DAC).


One of a series of amplifiers B.M.C. developed to deliver music to loudspeakers purely, naturally and neutrally, the PureAmp also features a full package of B.M.C.'s unique and exclusive technologies, including LEF Amplification, Current Injection (CI), and Discrete Intelligent Gain Management (DIGM) for a very attractive price. Combined in the PureAmp these technologies lead listeners to a previously unheard level of musical transparency in this price range.

Contributing to the PureAmp's exceptional sound are a short, pure signal path, and the absence of distortion. Instead of compensating for distortion as other amps do through a negative feedback loop, the PureAmp simply avoids it via the exclusive LEF circuit, believing that it's better to avoid distortion from the start than to try to correct it later.


Users can take advantage of the built-in upgrade option by combining the PureAmp with a B.M.C. DAC, which transforms the PureAmp into a stereo power amp operating in "Current Injection" mode, while retaining all of B.M.C.'s exclusive technologies.
The PureAmp's dynamic power and speaker control are exceptional.
The amplifier outputs 2 channels of 100 Watts into 8 Ohms, and 2 channels of 150 Watts into 4 Ohms. A large 300W toroidal transformer, and 180.000uF energy storage, provide the muscle behind the music even as the amp itself runs cooler than traditional class A designs, while being more linear than traditional Class A.
In addition, an adaptive cooling system reduces the temperature range in operation and is the key for providing high power from a small sized analog amplifier.


Three Technologies


The PureAmp includes three technologies developed by and exclusive to B.M.C.: 
  • Load Effect Free (LEF) Technology handles a speaker's current demand separately from the voltage demand. This helps the amplifier achieve high output and high-quality reproduction. It provides a top-level signal without loading the signal transistors, thus avoids distortion and increases efficiency. The result is a level of musical complexity that brings to life delicate details, rock-shaking power, high dynamics, sonic vitality, and accurate imaging.
  • Current Injection (CI) Technology processes the input current from a signal source through a special XLR-CI input and the amplifier's circuitry until it attains the desired output voltage for the loudspeakers, increasing the purity of the amplified signal and the immediacy of its musical reproduction, by skipping any gain stage and using an original source signal. 
  • Digital Intelligent Gain Management (DIGM) is a volume and amplification control system that recalibrates gain without dividing and downgrading the input signal. It lets users adjust left/right output balances in 66 1.5-decibel increments. It also avoids unnecessary attenuation of the input signal and excessive amplification, eliminates the need for a preamp circuit, and allows a DAC or other sound sources to directly connect to the amplifier. Less amplification means less distortion and noise, which leads to a more natural musical quality.





A variety of inputs and outputs — including XLR, RCA and optical connections — help the PureAmp take advantage of its advanced technologies.

The PureAmp comes supplied with a remote control which also controls the PureDAC. Rear-panel connections include 2 pairs of balanced XLR-CI inputs, 2 pairs of unbalanced RCA inputs, 2 pairs of Neutrik SpeakOn speaker outputs, 2 optical inputs for the B.M.C. Link, and an AC power connection.



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