B.M.C. MonoS Monocrystalline Silver Cable


MonoS Cable

What exactly is this? At Japan's Chiba Institute of Technology a special casting process was developed by Prof. Ohno, which enables a cable extrusion resulting in a very long single crystal silver wire.

OCC = Ohno Continuous Casting



High-purity silver is the metal with the best conductivity. Ordinary silver cables are known for airy openness but also for having a distinct, slightly a bright character. A significant reason for this tendency is the fact that these cables basically consist of small crystal pieces, apporoximately 10mm in length, connected to each other. So in 1m of cable there are about 100 “connections“ that have to be crossed, and the delicate music signal is not able to pass through smoothly. Furthermore, these connections are prone to corrosion and the effects of aging, which may cause the sound quality to gradually decline.


Mono Crystal

Monocrystalline cables are different, because they virtually consist of a single crystal. The ensuing lack of “internal connection impedance” has a very positive tonal impact. Profound transparency combined with perfect balance allows music to breathe.

Obviously, monocrystalline silver cannot be cheap due to its time-consuming, patent-protected manufacturing process with low throughput, a process offered only by very few licensed manufacturers, - and the choice of material.

 MonoS Cable

Solid Core

The controlled core design is the logical extension of the basic principle of monocrystalline silver. A litz wire, however, would again allow imperfect cross-connections between the single wires and furthermore increase the corrosion-sensitive surface.

Solid core is hardly vulnerable to environmental influences. And since there is only one or few matched conductors for each signal, there cannot be any imperfect interconnection.

Monos XLR TiffanyCable Structure

The construction of the cable is consistent as well: The three transmission paths of a balanced cable, signal plus (hot), signal negative (cold) and ground all have the same conditions by three identical conductors of monocrystalline solidcore 6N silver. They are intertwined in order to keep the inductance low.

The shield with 100% coverage consists of a metalized mylar film and a fine mesh of silver plated copper wire. The shield should be used only as a shield, not for the signal transfer.

The distance between the signal conductors and the shield is relatively large for keeping the straightforward character of an unshielded cable.


XLR Plugs



The balanced XLR cable uses three internal monocrystalline solid core silver wires, one for each signal path, including ground as the third signal connection. The shield is single side connected to the "male“ XLR plug. All our plugs have pins made of monocrystalline (OCC) copper. An additional gold plating ensures perfect contacts and a long lifetime.



RCA Plugs


The unbalanced RCA cable uses one wire for the hot pin and two wires for ground – all three solid core wires are made of monocrystalline silver. The shield is single side connected and should be plugged into the receiving unit inputs. All our plugs have pins made of monocrystalline (OCC) copper. An additional gold plating ensures perfect contacts and a long lifetime.





Tiffany Plug

The balanced PHONO cable uses two twisted monocrystalline solid core silver wires for the signal transport of each channel. The tonearm ground is connected by another wire to pin 1 of the male XLR connector, together with the single side connected shield. The tone-arm-end of the PHONO cable can be assembled with 5-pin Tiffany plugs (0° or 90°), RCA or XLR plugs.


Sound Quality

The B.M.C. MONOS Audio Cable is like the other B.M.C. Audio devices designed to let the music flow with all tone colors, fine details and dynamics as pure and straight as possible and to provide the original soundstage information.

The musical event will be very audible due to the finest details of instruments and room characteristics, and still remains balanced and organic at the same time. This allows the listener to relax into the music, as well as directing his attention to the details - there is always something to discover and enjoy.


MonoS Reference

MonoS Reference

The MonoS Reference represents the top of audio cable sound quality. It contains double the material amount of the standard MonoS cables, has a low inductance as well as a low capacitance due to the non-shielding design.
This cable is ideally matched for balanced XLR interconnects and performs best when using B.M.C.s exclusive "Current Injection" operation, which transmitts a much higher amount of current.



B.M.C. MonoC - Monocrystalline Copper Cable

B.M.C. MONOC cables are made by the same special casting process, resulting in very long copper crystals. MONOC cables deliver a very high level of musical reproduction at a very attractive price. MONOCs are the best choice for power and speaker cables. 

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