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Media Center

PureMedia's Media Center is the heart of the on-screen function. A powerful and intuitive user interface for managing videos, music and photos. “Add-On” streaming services like YouTube, WIMP and many others can be embedded into PureMedia's Media Center.
Use the included air-mouse / handheld-keyboard for navigating, or the front-panel keys.
Remote control by external apps and a web-interface is also supported.

The Start Screen
Start Screen

You can choose to enter 5 different sections:

MovieMovies and other videos


PhotoPhotos and other pictures



The section below shows you the time and the current weather.
↑ Pressing the upward navigation key opens the music add on screen.
↓ Pressing the downward navigation key opens the weather forecast.

The Movie Section:

To browse by file system, press the left arrow key and choose “Files”. Unrecognized movies can be manually edited.
Press “i” for movie information
Press “c” for options
If the movie can't be recognized the search name can be edited and you may simplify the name for getting more choices. Covers and content will be added automatically. It is important to set the right language and options for the movie information.

The music section is yet another interface for the audiophile music player with the same usage but reduced functions.



1. Set the required language, country and timezone

Go to: Tools ↠ Appearance ↠ International

2. Set your Weather preferences

Go to: Tools ↠ Weather ↠ General ↠ Settings
Set your weather locations and change the provider service if required

3. Choose Add-Ons

Go to: Tools ↠ Add-Ons ↠ Get Add-ons ↠ All Add-ons
If required you may select add-ons like YouTube, music streaming services, etc. from the menu. Note that add-ons are not provided and tested by B.M.C. and there is no guarantee they will function properly.

4. Set the movie information language and options

PureMedia gets movie information automatically or with manual support. You have to specify your preferences for this service.
Go to: Tools ↠ Add-Ons ↠ Enabled Add-ons ↠ Movie Information ↠ The Movie Database ↠ Configure