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Music Playback

PureMedia has a top grade music player, supporting all audiophile audio standards and accessing USB DACs directly without any alteration of the original audio signal.

The music player works in the background and has no user interface. It is accessible by several user interfaces which do not have to be on PureMedia.

PureMedia has 3 user interfaces available:

1. The “Music Player” on the Desktop with full functionality.

2. The music section inside the “Media Center” with all main functions.

3. A web-based user interface accessible by any internet-browser (http://PureMedia-IP:8088) within the home network, with all main functions.

Additionally PureMedia's music player can be remote controlled by several applications for Android, IOS, Windows, Windows-Phone, Apple MacOSX and Linux. Using several interfaces at the same time does not cause any problems as long everybody agrees to listen to the same music.

The usage is basically all the same and will be extensively explained for the built-in “Music Player”.

Music Player
The Music-Player


The Music-Player is located on the Desktop within the music section.

The application will only find music stored within PureMedia's “music” folder. There are multiple ways to search for music.

Album View:Now-PlayingWith the album view you browse music by album covers, just like in times of CD or LP. 

File-Tree View
Tree View
The file-tree is most convenient when browsing inside the music collection file structure. For finding something specific this view is faster.

Playlist View
tl_files/bmc_audio/Manuals/puremedia/Musicplay/playlistview.pngOnce you have used PureMedia for a while you may find that always making a new play queue is not convenient. Favorite compilations can be stored as a playlist. The playlist-view shows such playlists including their content.

No matter which way you choose, a right click on the album, file, folder or playlist will show you the available actions like “add” (to the play queue), “replace”...
Once in the play queue pick a music file and enjoy.
Double clicking any file in the file-tree view will add and play the file without any additional action.

Other User Interfaces
The usage is always the same even if the interface design differs in some way.

Media Center - Music Sectiontl_files/bmc_audio/Manuals/puremedia/Musicplay/MP-Media-Center.png

Web-Browser Interface


New Content Search

PureMedia's music player has a database containing available music, covers, playlists...
PureMedia performs regular database updates automatically. You can also manually update the database so new contents can be available immediately. To do a manual update use the “Music Player” software and browse for the higher tree level folder. For example: You ripped a new CD into classic/abc/mynewcd, then you go to classic/abc make a right click and select “update”.