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Apps for the Music Player

With its standardized interface PureMedia's music player can be addressed from other devices within your home network for remote controlling.
The Web-Interface is available for any device within the home network, but depending on the screen size and resolution specialized apps may look and feel better.

For any app you need to specify the PureMedia IP and use the port 6600.
The web-interface is available by typing http://puremedia-ip:8088

Android – M.A.L.P. or MPDroid
These are beautiful and highly functional applications for Android. The layout changes automatically according to the screen size. M.A.L.P. is newer but both apps are very similar. This is MPDroid on a high resolution tablet screen:

MPDroid Tablet

MPDroid on a mobile phone. Note: The “Now playing” section and the play queue has been split into 2 screens for matching the smaller display size:

MPDroid Mobile 1

MPDroid Mobile 2


I-OS – MPDluxe
The use is similar to the Android apps, but the look and feel is simpler.

Cantata for Windows / MacOS / Linux
Cantata is a platform independent free client available for the above operating systems. Other than the window decoration the program looks the same on all platforms.


Linux - Ario
Linux has the biggest choice of apps for PureMedia's music player. Ario is quite elegant and complete:


...and conveniently supports internet radio:

Ario Radio